Our stringent quality control at all stages enable us to guarantee Quality Products. All raw materials production phases are closely monitored by qualified personnel, while samples of the end products are examined regularly in our laboratory to ensure compliance to standards.


Our laboratory, based at Calebasses, guarantees that our products meet the required standards and that their quality is continuously being monitored to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our state of the art research laboratory has a unique and broad range of investigative tools and novel in-house testing methods. We are the first to carry out durability tests on concrete in Mauritius. We strive to provide our customers with the top level technical assistance through our highly trained and professional staffs.


To ensure compliance with norms and standards.

To be proactive in providing solutions to the needs of our clients.

For certification and approval by consulting engineers.

To ensure the optimal quality of our concrete, blocks, sand aggregates, precast and pavement products.

To constantly monitor raw material quality and performance.

Durability test