Precast products

Precast product
The Precast Factory of Gamma Materials Ltd is situated at Calebasses.
Precast concrete is a form of concrete that is prepared, cast and cured using reusable moulds. Gamma Materials offers a wide range of drains and slabs. Depending on your needs, these comes with dimensions of 300mm and goes up till 1000mm. Precast elements can also be used as structural components such as wall panels for road access ramp, beams for bridges, flooring, staircases, and so on. In Mauritius, precast elements are commonly used in road infrastructure works with elements such as Kerbs, Drains, Slabs, Manholes, lighting poles, etc.

The precast team is often solicited by various companies to manufacture tailor-made precast elements of different technical aspects to save construction time on-site. Our Sales and Technical Team is eager to help you find the ideal drains or slabs that will meet the requirements of your works. The precast production is quite intense and needs a close monitoring with the client as precast elements often set the pace in completion of projects in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us for any information you may need.

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