We strive for excellence in the manufacturing and delivery of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, blocks and precast products in order to exceed the expectation of our customers. Gamma Materials Ltd commits to meet and understand the needs and expectations of its key stakeholders through a rigorous communication and feedback mechanism. Support to the operational team is provided for any matter linked to Quality, Safety and Environment so as to deliver our clients with the best service and quality of products. On a monthly basis, the QHSE team ensures that there is continuous improvement of all departments to meet customer satisfaction.

Policies have been implemented at all levels of the organization to ensure conformance to customer’s needs. To encourage our employees to apply the quality policies of the company, they are provided training to provide the highest standard of quality in line with quality objectives. Falling under the ISO 9001, our dedicated team ensures that continuous compliance under ISO 9001 is followed.

Our department maintains an efficient Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001. We strive for continual improvement by monitoring closely our objectives.

Health and Safety

Our dedicated QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) department has as core duty the development, maintenance and implementation of the company’s policies and procedures. The department is responsible for the implementation of safe systems of work for all our employees and provides a safe behavioural practice at all levels of the organization for the well-being of its staff. In accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 AND OSHAD-SF, the QHSE department established management systems, processes, and procedures to ensure conformity to the different ISO standards of the company.

We strive for fluent communication practices for providing a safe environment to all our staffs by initiating HSE awareness monthly throughout inductions, training, campaigns, discussions etc, in consultation with all relevant departments.

The QHSE department reinforces and communicates on the Health & Safety policies at all levels of the organization. Gamma Materials Ltd complies with the current local legislations, statutory requirements of stakeholders and requirements of the ISO 45001. We ensure to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our stakeholders by bringing constant improvement and innovation, with occupational health and safety program to ensure achievement of the policies and employee participation.

At Gamma Materials Ltd, our priority remains the support of a safe work culture by providing adequate equipment, programs, and training to establish standards of safe work practices. The monitoring of a safety culture and health & safety objectives is part of the everyday responsibility of the department to ensure continuous improvement.


Gamma Materials Ltd is certified ISO 14001, an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. We comply with the current local environment legislations, statutory requirements of stakeholders and requirements of the ISO 14001. Having at heart a circular economy, the QHSE department communicates and enforces Environmental policies at all levels of organization to sensitize the interested parties upon the laws and regulations which involves the environment. Our staff is given on going to ensure their commitment upon environmental protection and prevention of pollution. Our environmental objectives are constantly monitored, our sites fall under the EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment, to ensure conformity and continuous improvement within the industry. Gamma Materials Ltd promotes industrial ecology in Mauritius. Involved in infrastructure projects of national and strategic importance, Gamma Materials Ltd is committed to the adoption and development of sustainable solutions for the management of construction and demolition waste.


The Laboratory

Gamma Materials Ltd Laboratory, strategically located at Calebasses, ensures, and follows stringent quality control at all stages to enable us to guarantee our customers quality products. All raw materials production phases are closely monitored by our qualified personnel. Additionally, samples of the end products are examined regularly in our laboratory to ensure compliance to standards, namely

  • ISO 17825,
  • BS EN 206, 
  • BS EN 12620, 
  • BS EN 13043, 
  • MS42.

Our laboratory is easily accessible via the motorway M3 and covers an area of approx. 250m2. The laboratory team guaranties that our products meet the required standards and that their quality is continuously being monitored to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our state-of-the-art research laboratory has a unique and broad range of in-house testing methods. We are the first to carry out durability tests on high performance concrete in Mauritius. We strive to provide our customers with the top-level technical assistance through our highly trained and professional staffs.

The importance of these tests

  • To ensure the optimal quality of our concrete, blocks, sand aggregates, precast and pavement products.
  • To constantly monitor raw material quality and performance.
  • To ensure compliance with norms and standards.
  • To be proactive in providing solutions to the needs of our clients.
  • For certification and approval by consulting engineers.