Viaduct: A1 - M1 Link Road from Coromandel to Soreze.

The A1-M1 Link Road will be an approximately 1 km long dual carriageway. It will link Port Louis-St Jean Road (A1) at Chebel through an approximately 330 m long bridge spanning over the Grand River North West valley to Motorway M1 and the existing Ring Road Phase 1 at Sorèze.

The Project road will improve the distribution of traffic within the network of the A1 Road and M1 Motorway and will provide an alternative access to the city of Port Louis for traffic originating from Rose Hill, Beau Basin, Chebel, Chapman Hill, upper Coromandel. Ultimately the traffic congestions will be reduced to a significant level along the A1 Road and M1 Motorway and at locations such as Reduit and Ebene. 

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